Kwik Kerb Gauteng Kerbing Garden Edging

Kwik Kerb continuous concrete garden edging / kerbing / borders turns your garden & flower beds into a functional masterpiece.

Continuous decorative concrete garden edging is a highly effective and visually appealing means of defining the spaces in your garden, separating lawns from flower beds, containing ground cover, retaining precious water and creating focal points.

Kwik Kerb Gauteng Kerbing covers the whole of Gauteng, specifically Pretoria & Johannesburg.

There is a plethora of reasons to invest in quality continuous concrete garden kerbing to turn your garden from good to spectacular.

Time-saving and environmental benefits

Kwik Kerb is a machine-extruded continuous concrete flower bed edging that can be applied in virtually any landscaping context. But beyond the aesthetic appeal, there are a number of sound functional purposes behind concrete borders.

- Raised above the soil level, Kwik Kerb garden edging prevents top soil and mulch from
washing away in rainstorms and retains the precious rain water for use by plants.
A mower strip profile becomes a great time-saver since grass can be kept in check
with a quick trim. The underground portion helps keep grass and weeds out of
flower beds and vegetable beds.

- If you have a fish pond finish it off with edging • just like framing a painting.
Putting an edge around your pond makes it stand out and more importantly will
secure your pond liner beneath it and ensure that run-off and soil from rain does
not end up with your kois

The case for concrete edging becomes more evident when one considers the pitfalls of other substrates.

- Plastic is simply not an option for the avid •green• gardener • plastic soon
becomes faded and looks tatty in SA•s harsh sunlight.

- Timber, while offering a more rustic appeal soon rots as it absorbs moisture and
becomes a breeding ground for termites and ants. Treatments used to prolong
timber life seep into the surrounding soil creating a toxic soil environment and
maintenance soon becomes both costly and time consuming.

Planning garden edges

Edging should be planned just like any other aspect of your garden. Start by drawing a detailed plan of your house and garden and try to include any future landscaping plans you may have in mind. Remember that each line you draw will require some form of edge. It may be a flat edge (often a mowing strip), a raised kerb to retain garden soil or lawn or to control the flow of water, or a raised garden bed. There are also many types of profiles • square, sloped, mower edge, car park, lane dividers and high profile border. We•ll advise you on the various profiles to ensure you get a solution in line with your garden•s unique features • for example a raised or sloped edging will stop surface runoff from your beds ending up on the lawn or driveway.

Choosing the finish

Concrete edging has come a long way from the days of grey, neutral finishes and standard heights. Today the use of oxides to colour concrete is increasingly popular. Concrete strips can also be stamped or stencilled in a variety of patterns. Kwik Kerb is produced in many styles and colours. Almost any colour can be chosen and shape and contours can be easily created in any landscape. The finished result is quickly achieved and the difference it makes to a garden is simply amazing.

The Kwik Kerb finish is an exclusive and patented process from Kwik Kerb worldwide. Our systems and methodologies have been researched patented and bring with it the highest standards of quality and workmanship. However, many fly-by-nights try to imitate the finish with very poor results, leaving consumers with little recourse to recoup their lost investment. Special tools and processes have been developed by Kwik Kerb to make this process a true one-day application and to ensure your peace of mind.

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